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7 Golden Opportunities For Farming People During This Coronavirus Pandemic

🌸7 Golden Opportunities For Farming People During This Coronavirus Pandemic

Introduction One of my revered mentors once wrote that every adversity possess corresponding opportunities. I strongly buy into this philosophy. Truly, no one like this COVID-19 pandemic palaver, but the wise ones among us will ultimately come out of this situation stronger, better and richer.

Permit me to quickly point out some of the opportunities for farming people even now.

1. This Is The Time To Do Strategic Planning

🛑We all know that planning is powerful. Strategic planning is even more powerful. This is the time to do more strategic planning. This is the time to appraise your vision and do necessary fine tuning for more clarity and determination to succeed even more and more.


2. This Is The Time To Read And Study

🛑All readers may not become leaders, but all leaders are often readers. This ample time is not even enough for some dynamic individuals. They keep studying every aspect of their business. They keep giving themselves schedules at home to develop their capacities. This is what you should do too.


3. This Is The Time To Reach Out To Your Mentors To Learn More From Them

🛑We all know that in busy times, most mentors will hardly have time to pick up calls to advise us. This time is a bit different in that if you are smart, you can seize the opportunity of this period to extract quality advice and guidance from the people you admire in life and business.


4. This Is The Time To Avail Yourself Of Every Online Resources

🛑Many resources abound online, but we hardly have time or even resources to make the best use of them. But this period offers you great opportunity to get online resources cheaply as many are giving out bonuses here and there. Many businesses are also reducing their prices. You should be alert to take these golden opportunities. For example, at WORLD FARMERS CENTRE, we have been offering a lot of bonuses and price reduction for many of our courses and EBOOKS. Be smart and make use of these windows of opportunities.


5. This Is The Time To Avoid All Negativity And Embrace Every Positivity

🛑 I watch in dismay as many people keep feasting on negative news on social media instead of finding more and more ways to inspire, instruct and motivate themselves for a better tomorrow. The truth of the matter is that this too shall pass whether some pessimists like it or not. So if this is true, how are you going to be after this event?


6. Reach Out To Your Customers To Appreciate Them

🛑This is a great time to appreciate all our customers. We should take time to use every available platform to acknowledge and appreciate all our customers for their patronage all these years. I am also using this opportunity to thank all our clients and customers. You have been so good to us and I am positive that we will continue to do greater things together in the farming industry.


7. This Is The Time To Appreciate All Our Loved Ones At Home

🛑Yes, this is a time for more closeness and appreciation. This is a time to intentionally appreciate our children, parents, spouses, friends, neighbors and other members of our family. For many years many of us never had this Golden opportunity to deeply appreciate people who are very close to us. Please don't waste this opportunity!

❤️Please share this with as many farming people as possible

Love ➕ Respect Dr Joseph Deji-Folutile Founder, WORLD FARMERS CENTRE Publisher, Farming Advice Digest FAD


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7 Wise Steps To Take When There Seems To Be No Business

7 Wise Steps To Take When There Seems To Be No Business

When the business environment is dull with little or nothing coming in and yet there is a lot going out in term of spending, you need to urgently take the following wise steps.

1. Cut DownYour Spending

Cutting down your spending is necessary to stay in business when money is not coming in. If you keep spending without thinking, you will find it very difficult to remain in business. Be very creative and determined in doing this.


2. Find Ways To Stay In The Minds Of Your Customers and Prospects.

Many business owners think that the first thing to do when there is no business is to cut down their marketing expenses. But this is wrong! You can only stay in the minds of your customers and prospects and the world around you through marketing. No business can survive without selling and marketing activities.


3. Put On Your Thinking Cap

Oh yes, you can think your way out of any negative situation of life and business. People are making money all the time no matter what is happening in the business environment. Think! As you continue to think and relax intermittently, new ideas may come up to help you make money.


4. Think Ahead

Always remember that no negative situation can last forever. It will always come to pass. So this seemingly bad times is the time to think ahead. Start planning what to do to rapidly recover lost fortunes when things become favorable.


5. Develop Yourself

Difficult times are times to learn. When business is not coming as it used to, it means you have more time on your hands. Use this time to learn. Use this time to attend online courses. Use this time to really build more knowledge capacity.


6. Play More

Oh yes! There is wisdom in playing and having fun. Play with your family. Connect with friends. You will be surprised that new workable ideas will come up in the process as a bonus.


7. Stay Positive No Matter what.

I believe so much in being positive no matter what. Positivity makes you strong and alert to opportunities. A depressed person cannot see opportunities. A discouraged person will never recognize money making chances. You can never lose by being positive. Never!

📣Please share this with as many farmers as possible 

Love ➕ Respect

Dr Joseph Deji-Folutile Founder, WORLD FARMERS CENTRE Publisher, Farming Advice Digest FAD 📕

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Farming Success And Networking

Farming Success And Networking



DR Joseph Deji-Folutile 

As they say, your network is your net worth. It is worthy of note that the people we interact with will always have a profound effect on our business lives and even life in general.

I always tell farmers in our seminars at the WORLD FARMERS CENTRE that to make it in farming, you have to interact with wise farmers. In this episode of my prescription, I am asking farmers to make it a point of duty to purposely interact more with other farmers, experts, inputs suppliers and all stakeholders in the farming industry.

Farming business is like a partnership. The farmer cannot make it alone. A wise farmer will always look for ways to network from time to time. Networking can expose you to so many advantages that will scale up your farming business in ways that you cannot imagine.

To do proper networking, it is always good to attend good networking opportunities that come up from time to time in the farming industry. In this case, you need to keep your ears to the ground in order to know the good ones to attend.

Personally I can never forget the tremendous advantages that I have gotten from various good networking events in the farming industry. Every year, I always look forward to the NIGERIA POULTRY SHOW that usually comes up at the last quarter of the year. Many farmers have gained so much from this event. You have the golden opportunity of meeting many wise farmers, great experts, high quality inputs suppliers and many other stakeholders in the farming industry.

The truth is that the more you network, the more exposed you become and the more exposed you become, the more access you have to quality information that can help you succeed in the business Of farming.

Talking about networking opportunities, there is an upcoming one in February that is very promising for all categories of farmers. The event is tagged WEST AFRICA AGRIC SHOW (WAAS) holding at the Landmark CENTRE in Lagos on February 18th to 20th of this year. As part of our commitment to Nigerian Farmers, we at the WORLD FARMERS CENTRE are ready to provide you with necessary details about the great event. You can reach log in to to get the full details.

Dear Farmers, make networking a greater part of your marketing decisions this year in order to exploit the opportunities hidden in meeting people and scaling up your farming business.

You Will Succeed!

👉Please share with as many farmers as possible 

Love ➕ Respect 

Dr Joseph Deji-Folutile 


Publisher, Farming Advice Digest FAD 📕 

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6 Things You Need To Build On Urgently To Scale Up Your Farming Business

6 Things You Need To Build On Urgently To Scale Up Your Farming Business


Dr Joseph Deji-Folutile


Bob Stone, an American strong change writer once made a powerful statement. He said, "Some people look for things that went wrong and try to fix them, I look for things that went right and try to build on them."

Not everything is totally wrong with your farming business. Some things are currently working, but they can work better.

Below are 6 things you need to urgently build on to scale up your farming business.


1. Build On Your Passion

Are you still as passionate as ever? Please note that no one can make the most of any business without a consistent strong passion. If you lose your passion, you will lose your vigilance and subsequently your farming business. Build on your passion more and more in order to succeed more and more.


2. Build On Your Knowledge

Knowledge is power especially when it is consistently applied and being built upon. I always tell farmers in our various seminars at the WORLD FARMERS CENTRE, that with correct knowledge, you can literally farm and grow rich.


3. Build On Your Staff Capacity

A lot of farmers are looking for magical performances from their workers when they don't do anything to train them on a consistent basis. You can never give what you don't have. One or two external training for your staff is not enough. Always focus on building the capacity of your workers and they will surprise you positively.


4. Build On Your Sales And Marketing Knowledge

No business can survive without sales and marketing. I think farmers spend too much energy on production and very little on sales and marketing. The result? Product glut. Low profit margins. Frustrations. Eventual exit from Farming business. You must keep building on your sales and marketing dexterity by attending relevant seminars and private study.


5. Build On Your Expert Connections

Experts can make you farm and grow rich if you get the right experts and you listen to them. The right experts are all over the place if you really want them. Some farmers keep giving excuses that there are many fake experts, but the truth is that the presence of fake experts is the proof that there are original experts. Find the original experts and ride on their shoulders to success in farming.


6. Build On Your Profits

The first rule of business is to make profits. Many farmers are yet to come to grips with this great fact. I always drum it into the farmers at our seminars at the WORLD FARMERS CENTRE that they should not only plan for their consistent profits, but they should consciously build on it continually.



Please note that nothing works without a worker. The points stated above will work for you if you persistently work on them. If you don't build on the things that are currently working in your farming business, things may go the way you won't like.

Start working on the points above and stay on them. I am confident that you will ultimately farm and grow rich!

Please share this article with as many farmers as possible.

Love ➕ Respect

Dr Joseph Deji-Folutile Publisher, Farming Advice Digest FAD 📕


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The Meaning Of Farming

The Meaning Of Farming


Dr Joseph Deji-Folutile

F = Farming without the right knowledge will not work

A = Always make sure you're productive and profitable and always re-invest your profit

R = Remember that success in Farming is 95 percent science and 5 percent work

M = Make sure you work with the right experts and the right workers

I = Interact with wise farmers all the time

N = Never use substandard inputs

G = Go Marketing and always go forward no matter what

Love ➕ Respect

Dr Joseph Deji-Folutile Publisher, Farming Advice Digest FAD 📕 Founder, WORLD FARMERS CENTRE

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Dr Joseph Deji-Folutile

How you manage your farm is very important if you really want to proper through farming. If you can manage your farm well, you can make a success of farming.

By virtue of my assighnment, I move around a lot and I have spoken with so many farmers – both the successful and the struggling ones. The difference most of the time is the management patterns.

Below are the time tested, often neglected top management secrets that I uncovered for you to get it right in farming and probably keep smiling to the bank:


Water is life for your livestock and poultry. As a matter of fact, no water, no farming! Your farm animals must drink water on daily basis. Most of the time, the troubles of farm animals come from unclean water source. You must get the water issue right by all means. Do nothing else in farming until you get this right!


A smart farmer will always seek to bloc any avenue of troubles for his or her flock. Most of the time the problems are form the working hands. Some of them are very dirty! Check this out. A dirty farm assistant will be a real reservoir of germs and other disease agents. Tell them to change and if they refuse, fire them.


Do all you can to keep accurate records on a constant basis. By doing this, you will know the state of things and adjust accordingly. Get good records keeping formats from established farmers and start using it. Refuse to do things in haphazard manners.


Whether you like it or not, trouble times will come during farming operations. Some of your flock or animals may start showing signs of sickness. Do not panic but face reality. Do whatever you can to solve the problem fast. A stitch in time save nine. Get your vet and cooperate together to nip the problems in the bud. Remember, it is always cheaper and better to prevent than to cure.


Waste in any form can cripple your farming business. Spent time to look critically at your present operations. See if there is a particular area where you tend to waste money or other resources and block it fast. Thieves are great menace to your success in farming. Learn to deal with them ruthlessly. People come people go, don’t be sentimental about this. If a farm worker is an unrepentant thief, sack him or her and move on!


You can’t arrive at a destination you don’t plan for. A wise farmer is a goal setter. Goal setting is a great management secret.

Set goals for your operations.

Set profit goals.

Set production goals.

We are all goal striving beings. When you set goals and you are determined, unseen forces will surround you to make it a reality. Write your goals down at least 10 times every day.

Put your goals in a 3x5 cards and carry it about in your pocket. Review your goals every night and every morning. Think about your goals all the time. You will be surprised at the results you get.

These are the six top farm management secrets.



Dr. Joseph Deji-Folutile

Publisher,  Farming Advice Digest 


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6 Reasons Why Some Farmers Fail



Dr Joseph Deji Folutile

People don’t just fail.

People fail because they fail do certain things that they ought to do. The farming industry is replete of many farmers who have given up.

Let’s quickly explore the six vital reasons why they failed.

1. They are absent.

Absentee farmers will always fail. To succeed in farming, you must be around your farm most of the time one way or the other.

2. They do it alone.

Those who do the farming business just by themselves without meaningful and proper interactions with farmers that matters will pack up sooner or later. No one can succeed alone. A smart farmer knows that there are webs of interactions with farmers, vets, nutritionists and other notable professionals that will make farming successful.

3. They like cheap inputs instead of going for quality.

A cheap mentality at the expense of productivity will always lead to frustrations. When a farmer is fanatical about cheap inputs, he is digging his business grave.

4. They bite more than they can chew.

Some farmers, in a bid to make it big fast will take on more than they can handle financially and technically. And of course they will crash!

5. They don’t keep proper records.

Structures and order usually bring increase. What you don’t measure may not grow and may even die.

6. They focus more on work than science.

One Israeli prime minister once said that agriculture is 95 percent science and 5 percent work. When a farmer focuses more on activities than the laid down scientific obligations, he is bound to fail.

Please share this vital information with as many farmers as possible!




Publisher, Farming Advice Digest FAD



11 Ways To Increase Your Profits In Farming Business



Dr Joseph Deji-Folutile

Labour without profit is slavery. The primary purpose of being in business including farming is to make profit. This is a challenging area for Nigeria farmers. But there is a way out.

A farmer should not only make profit in farming, he should also strive to increase his profit from time to time.

Join me to explore these time tested strategies in maximizing profit in farming.

1. Think Big But Start Small.

It is good to think big when starting a business but it is wisdom to start small especially when you are doing farming in the Nigeria environment where adverse forces are always at play to frustrate businesspeople.

2. Wage War Against Feed Wastage.

Feeding alone takes more than 75% of the cost of running farming business. A farmer must be alert and monitor the use of the feeds. Farm attendants could be callous wasting feeds anyhow.

3. Prompt Treatment Of Disease Cases.

Diseases are profit killers. Lingering outbreak of diseases will wipe off a farmer’s profit. Take action immediately you suspect health problems. Delay is dangerous!

4. Think Productivity and Profit.

What you don’t think, you may not experience.

5. Do Aggressive Marketing Of Products.

Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out to meet it!


7. Employ Smart and Hardworking Staff.

You can’t afford not to do this.

8. Negotiate All Purchases. You will be surprised how much savings you will make by this singular act.

9. Avoid Credit Sales Of Your Farm Products.

Unrestrained credits will kill any business.

10. Master The Relevant Management Basics.

Most times, failure in farming is nothing but management problem at play.

11. Stay Focused.

Focus is a magic wand for any business that wants to prosper.

I sincerely wish all farmers great profits in farming!


Please share this with as many farmers as possible. 

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7 Sure Ways To Make Money In Farming



Dr. Joseph Deji Folutile

Farming is a lucrative business. But the money in farming will not come magically. You have to work out the money through tested strategies. I am a Farming industry Researcher and have discussed with many rich farmers.

Let me share with you briefly some sure ways to make money in farming.

1. Find a mentor

The person must be a successful and experienced farmer. No one can give what he does not have. Stay close to your mentor and you will learn invaluable tricks to make farming work!

2. Link up with a professional

link up with a professional and get him or her involved right from the start. Believe me; you can't go far in farming business without an experienced professional.

3. Be ready to learn and learn and learn

Be ready to star all over again if you failed to learn at the beginning. Farming without relevant knowledge will always lead to frustration and failure.

4. Start small

Yes, start small. Don't bite more than you can chew. A lot of people are out of the farming business because they did not cut their suit according to their cloth!

5. Persevere

Difficult times will come whether you like it or not. The best approach is never to give up. You must persevere through the difficult times.

6. Be diligent and watchful

No one can truly run your farm like you. Be prevention conscious and watch out for fraudulent farm workers.

7. Reinvest your profits

Keep reinvesting your profits no matter how small. Never be tempted to indulge in wasteful activities.


Get busy with these 7 sure ways and you will make it in farming.




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Dr Joseph Deji-Folutile

SURVIVING AND THRIVING in any business we do is the spice of life. There is no point in going into farming if you do not desire strongly, not only to survive against all odds but also to successfully thrive in it.

Based on my field researches, below are the potent keys to survive and thrive in farming.

1. Avoid Unnecessary Debt.

Debt is a cancer of the soul of any business. When you are enmeshed in the wicked nets of debt, you lose so much productive energy. Please run away from unnecessary debt by all means.

2. Avoid Ignorance.

Business perishes for lack of relevant knowledge. You must go strongly after useful knowledge in order to survive and thrive in farming.

3. Avoid Wastage and Reckless Spending.

When you waste anything good, you are wasting your life! A wise farmer will always be on the look for any area of wastage and block it.

4. Avoid Fake Products.

The market place is littered with fake products. They are traps for the unsuspecting farmers to fail. They look cheap but they are killers of your destiny in farming.

5. Avoid Quacks.

Every genuine thing has a counterfeit. There are so many people parading themselves as farming experts who are business crashers in disguise. Stay close to real experts and you won’t fail.

6. Avoid Pride.

Pride as they say goes before destruction. If you will not submit to mentorship and deeply learn the tricks of the trade, just get out of farming!


I am confident that if you can digest this article and apply it consistently, you will sing success songs in farming!




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7 Solid Facts About Great Farm Workers





Working with great farm workers is the way to go if farmers really want to get the best experience out of farming business.

Let me tell you about the characteristics of great farm workers.

1. Great Farm Workers Are Goal Setters. They are always telling the farm owners about the goals they want to achieve.

2. Great Farm Workers Are Very Honest. They will never compromise their integrity. They will rather resign than steal.

3. Great Farm Workers Are Always Productivity Conscious. They will often work against wastage and lazy tendencies among fellow workers.

4. Great Farm Workers Are Always Profit Conscious. They know that it is very easy to go for losses in farming if one is not careful and they always work against this trend.

5. Great Farm Workers Are Willing To Make Sacrifices. They will sacrifice energy and time to make the farm project work.

6. Great Farm Workers Are Always Growth Conscious. They know that their mission is principally to grow the farm every year with tangible profits.

7. Great Farm Workers Always Believe They Are Working For No One But Themselves. They are not deceived into thinking that they are working for anyone. They deeply know that as they lay their beds today they will lie on it one day. So they always give their very best.


Are you a great farm worker? If yes, keep it up! You are building a better tomorrow. Are you a farmer who is blessed with great workers? Please encourage them. Reward them. Love them and they will do even more for you. This will become a WIN-WIN situation for you.

Love + Respect


5 Transformational Wisdom For SPEEDY Farming Success

5 Transformational Wisdom For SPEEDY Farming Success



We all want to succeed and really succeed faster in whatever we do. This is not wrong as long as you are willing to do things the right way.

Below I will present 5 transformational ways to get speedy success in farming business.

1. Get Knowledge.

Planning to get it right in farming without taking the time to get the right basic knowledge is going for business suicide. Don’t venture into any farming business without getting knowledge and be ready to pay for this knowledge.

2. Get Close To The Right People.

Many times in business, who you know is more powerful than what you know. Who you know can show you the basic tricks to get It right speedily in any business including farming especially if you are a humble person.

3. Get Into The Right Platform.

Personally I cannot estimate the great gains this wisdom has done for me and my business. For example, there are great WhatsApp platforms that you can belong to that will really open your eyes to success possibilities in farming. To join our vibrant platform, you can apply by sending YES FAD FARMERS FORUM to 0817123030321 by WhatsApp. We may consider you...

4. Get Marketing Knowledge.

Business Success is about marketing and innovation. Period! Not knowing and going marketing has wrecked many farming businesses. You can begin this smart marketing journey by attending any of my FARMING MARKETING MASTERCLASS. To attend, simply send YES FARMING MARKETING MASTER CLASS to 08173030321 by WhatsApp. Let me warn you👉🏿It’s not free but it will change your farming experience positively. 

5. Get Faith!

Yes you need faith to make it in any business including farming. Believe very strongly that you will make it in farming no matter what. Life is worked from inside to the outside. If you are Successful within, no one and nothing can stop you from being successful outside. NO ONE AND NOTHING.


These transformational ideas will work for you if you doggedly work them out. I have seen scores of vibrant farmers made millions from farming using these simple but powerful ideas. YOU CAN BECOME ONE OF THEM STARTING TODAY!

🌹Please share with as many farmers as possible.

👉🏿You will succeed!

Love ➕Respect

Dr Joseph Deji Folutile


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