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Mr. Francis Toromade, Director General, Premier Agribusiness Academy

Premier Agribusiness Academy Launches Various Courses for Farmers at all levels

Premier Agribusiness Academy Launches Various Courses for Farmers at all levels

Reported By

Oladimeji Oguntoyinbo

Premier Agribusiness Academy launches various courses for farmers at all levels to bridge the knowledge gap in the industry and equip both intending farmers and farmers alike with skills that will help them perform better across the value chain in the agribusiness.

The Director General of Premier Agribusiness Academy, Mr Toromade Francis who has 32years of experience in agribusiness that cut across sales and marketing, production, procurement and logistic. He said the vision of the academy is to be one of the world’s leading centre of learning, developing and transfering well researched and innovative competences required sustainable investments in non-allied industries of the agric-sector. And the mission is to facilitate human capital development in response to growing needs in the global agri-sector.

Mr Toromade commended the effort of the Federal Government for embracing, encouraging and supporting agriculture in Nigeria. Because any nation that cannot feed herself is not worthy to be called a nation. Everything that surround human is from agriculture so a nation that does not embrace agriculture is not a nation. He further explained that, ordinary agriculture is the production of livestock and crop which cannot take us anywhere. So we need business management sense which is why we have agribusiness. Agribusiness includes marketing management, human resource management, financial resource management and material resource management. All these can only be found in agribusiness which is the gap Premier Agribusiness Academy wants to bridge. He said the Academy will be offering short executive courses in Agribusiness Startup Entrepreneurship like sales and marketing management, digital marketing, Human capital development and customer service.

“The fact that you are a graduate of agriculture does not mean you know about marketing, customer services, logistics or digital marketing in agriculture. For those who don’t know about agriculture who are passionate about it and want to go into it, we have Technical courses on poultry management and aquaculture management which will involve practical hands on farm training. The academy is also going to be carrying out consultancy services in areas such as Research and Development, Feasibility study, Farm layout, Farm sitIng advice, Farm management turn around turnkey projects and Laboratory support.”

The academy is also open to partnership with various organization along the various part of the agricultural value chain with both local and international organisations, research organization in different areas in the agricultural value chain.

Premier Agribusiness Academy is having a One-day Executive Education Course for CEOs, MDs, CFOs, COOs, Business Owners and Managers with the topic: Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Skills for Decision Making on the 5th October at Sheraton Hotels and Suite, Ikeja, Lagos.

Reported by 

Oladimeji Oguntoyinbo 




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WORLD FARMERS CENTRE Farm and Grow Rich Poultry Farming Business Seminar held recently at the World Farmers Centre office at Egbeda, Lagos.

The seminar participants were made to understand the importance of partnering with experts in various areas of their poultry farming business. Areas such as health, nutrition, engineering, e.t.c so as to grow the business into a successful venture.

The participants were also taught some basic accounting and record keeping concept to help farmers to be able to manage past, present and future productivity and profitability of the poultry farming business.

One of the seminar participant has this to say, “Infact, this seminar is the second seminar i will be attending since I started the farming business and this particular one is unique in the sense that it has enlightened me more on marketing strategies, biosecurity and farm development. I say a big thank you and will put to best use what I have learnt." Kayode Nelson, CEO, Nelson Global Resources. Badagry.

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