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25 Biosecurity Guidelines for Visitor Control (Part Two)

14. Do not allow foods of animal origin to be brought unto the premises.


15. Provide a container or plastic bag for collecting dirty clothing or disposable items used by the visitors.


16. Ask visitors to wash their hands prior to leaving the premises, especially if in contact with animals.


17. If hosting tours, provide handwashing facilities or disinfectant hand gel.


18. If food is to be served to visitors, do this away from the animal facilities and after handwashing.


19. Provide a footbath and a container of an appropriate disinfectant solution with a scrub brush at the entrance to each facility.


20. Maintain the above with daily cleaning remove accumulated organic matter and replenish disinfectant regularly.


21. Footbaths alone are not an effective means of disinfecting footwear.


22. Ensure all equipment used to visitors has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and stored appropriately before being used on your premises.


23. Also clean and disinfect all borrowed equipment and tools prior to use on your farm and before returning them.


24. Proper use of disinfectants is a critical component of biosecurity.


25. Use any disinfectants such as chlorhexadines, hypochlorates, phenols, oxidizing agents, iodine compounds and quaternary ammoniums according to product recommendations.



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25 Biosecurity Guidelines for Visitor Control (Part One)


25 Biosecurity Guidelines for Visitor Control (Part One).


1. Provide a farm gate sign indicating biosecurity levels in effect on the farm


2. Place restricted entry notices on the doors to animal facilities.


3. Keep service vehicles as far away from the animal facilities as feasible


4. Designate a parking area for vehicles entering the farm, away from traffic areas used by farm vehicles and away from feed and manure.


5. Visitors’ vehicles should be visibly clean of manure and organic matter.


6. Establish one area of the farm for visitors to enter if required.


7. All visitors should go directly to the entry point. 8. Consider installing a bell or alarm system for visitors to indicate their arrival


9. Keep a visitor log or record of the names, dates and vehicles that visit.


10. Determine if, when and what types of farms have been visited prior to your farm. As a precaution, 48 hours may be required between visits (1 week for foreign visitors).


11. Restrict access to animal facilities to essential visitors only.


12. Keep visitors out of animal pens and feed alleys, and do not allow direct contact with animals if not essential.


13. Insist on clean clothing and/or supply clean boots and clothing at your farm.




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10 Farm Management Nuggets

10 Farm Management Nuggets


Dr Joseph Deji-Folutile

1. Every farming activity centered on just making money without a concerted effort to build the work force will ultimately lead to losses.

2. The farm business owners that will keep smiling to the bank are the ones who are mindful of increasing productivity and profitability on constant basis.

3. Management strategies on the farm should constantly revolve around the farm manager. The farm without an efficient farm manager will not grow in productivity and profitability.

4. Never site your farm where you will ultimately be reluctant or afraid to visit on constant basis.

5. The greatest gift you can give your farming business is your presence.

6. Never compromise your choice of using quality inputs no matter the price. It is better to have a smaller farm with quality farm products than have a bigger farm with miserably low quality farm products.

7. Farmers who spend time, energy and resources to train their farm workers are very wise.

8. Excellence culture should be promoted more and more in your farming business and you will surely be rewarded with more profits and more growth.

9. Farmers that are always going marketing on constant basis will not be victims of Farm products glut.

10. Farm Management plans should be done on monthly basis with the entire work force and the owners in other to produce enviable outcomes regularly.

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