Feeding The World Through Knowledge Transfer To Farmers To Succeed In The Business Of Farming


Feeding The World Through Knowledge Transfer To Farmers To Succeed In The Business Of Farming

When Am I Ready for Expansion in My Farming Business

Oladimeji Oguntoyinbo

       As much as money is very important to expand your farming business, but if money is the only reason why you think you are ready for expansion. Then you might end up losing all the money if you have not yet to consider other indicators or factors that tells you you are ready for expansion. 

There is the need for you to consider some very key factors that should give you a go ahead. If you don’t first consider these factors, there is every tendencies that you will collapse back like a pack of card if you carry out the expansion of your farming business. 

The following are some of the factors and indicators that you are ready for expansion. 

You are ready for expansion, when you have grown the market to accommodate your expansion. You have done a lot marketing activities that you could no longer meet your demand and you even have to get from other farmers to meet up with your demand. 

You are ready for expansion, when you have a working program for growing and increasing your customers. You are intentionally and consistently working on your customers to make sure you get more from them or increase more of them that you currently have.

You are ready for expansion, when you have been able to create your own tribe and community. When you have a good number of people who can identify with your brand. People that are loyal to your products.

You are ready for expansion, when you have gotten your farm record and data management well. You have a well-organized farm record management that can be used to analyze the performance of you farming business.

You are ready for expansion when you have satisfied all the above factors and indicators.


How To Master Selling As A Farmer

How To Master Selling As A Farmer

Did You Know That Farming Business Need Selling Skills?


Nothing happens in any business including farming without sales. You have to sell your products and services to get money.

No farmer can make it in business without having the ability to sell. AND the funny thing is this: Somebody who is very bad in farming but very good in selling will make it more in farming than someone that is very good in farming but very bad in selling.

This is the fact of the matter friends: know how to sell. Master selling. Sell, sell, sell and sell.

Train yourself daily on how to sell. Read books. Study. Go for training. Train your people how to sell.

Personally I have done so many things in life to keep teaching myself how to sell. I will keep selling all the days of my life.

I can remember times that I will specifically go round Lagos in Molue to watch people sell things in the buses.

Master selling and you will master farming. Selling mastery will keep helping you to get more margins from your farm products and also to keep growing your business.

The benefits is simply enormous! The reason why so many farmers are victims of the market situation is because they refused to learn the tricks of selling their farm products in and out of season.

The farmer that can sell will always be at an advantage. The reason why the middle men seem to take away the chunk of the farming business profits is because they can sell.

Selling is war but it is a good war that helps bring money to those who are masters in the selling game.

Dear Farmer, learn to master selling. Keep at it and keep at it. Don't use all your energy in producing farm products and have no residual energy to sell them.

The more you perfect the art of selling as a farmer, the more you will keep building a farming business with a rosy future.

One of the ways to master selling is to engage your mouth in telling every person you meet that you are a farmer who produces so and so.

Don't forget that as a farmer almost everyone you meet daily are prospects for your farm products.

Your consistency in telling people that you are a vibrant farmer will ultimately keep yielding quality customers for you.

You Will Succeed!


Love ➕ Respect 


Dr Joseph Deji-Folutile 

Publisher, Farming Advice Digest FAD 📕 


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Decision is magical. A lot of business people in life have made fortunes by utilizing the power of decision.

Someone once said that “Every problem is a decision problem” and that “Every problem is just a decision away.”

Once you can get to the point of strong decision in whatever you do, you will become unstoppable in achieving your purpose.

The reason why many people fail in life and business is because they have not made the irrevocable decision to succeed. Decision is an internal thing, and the internal controls the external. In other words the inside controls the outside; the within controls the without.

Once an individual makes a decision to succeed no matter what, several forces goes into operation to bring together all the circumstances, events, people, and the required instruments to achieve the ultimate purpose.

In my adventure all over the farming industry and talking to several hundreds of farmers, I have discovered that those who are succeeding cannot but succeed. There is this passionate decisive attitude that radiates from them.

Farming is a business and those who want to succeed in it must deliberately and consciously decide to succeed no matter what.

A double minded person cannot make it in business including farming.

There are two ways to make a decision. The first way is to make decision on sand which can be wiped away at any time. The second way to make a decision is to make it on a concrete in which case come rain, come shine, nobody can wipe away that decision.

Someone rightly said that two few people are living the life they really want to live. Life can be lived fully and richly. It all depends upon the decisions the person makes.

For example, a farmer can make the following decisions.

1. No matter what, I intend to succeed in farming.

2. No matter what, I intend to learn everything I can to succeed in farming.

3. No matter what, I intend to work and walk with the right people to succeed in farming.

4. No matter what, I intend to walk in integrity as I operate my farming business.

5. No matter the set-back, I am committed to bounce back.

6. No matter what, I will never stop believing in myself.

7. No matter what, I will hold on to the vision of success I saw as I navigate through the difficult and challenging terrains of the business life.

I make bold to state that no one can make these seven solid decisions and not make it in business including farming. Decide today to succeed and you will succeed tomorrow.



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How To Handle Bad Businesses

How To Handle Bad Businesses


Dr. Joseph Deji Folutile


Bad business as complaints abounds within the Agriculture Industry. I happen to move around a lot. Within a week, I make contacts with almost all the levels of the players in the industry. I usually encounter farmers of different sizes.

I interact with feed manufacturers, veterinarians, animal Scientists, distributors, retailers, employees, security people in the agric offices and many others including the agriculture journalists like myself. And of course I see chicken, sheep, goat, cows, maize, poultry and animal health products of all sorts. I move around a lot and I enjoy it! I hear complaints here and there of a bad business climate.

Someone told me that a whole year is almost gone and good business is yet to come to him. Another one spoke about the huge receivables outside. Many farmers groaned about the egg glut. In short, I hear about problems, problems and problems!

I want to use this opportunity to give some prescriptions that I feel can do a lot in handling bad businesses. They may not be conventional, but they work if one can work them out.

1. Change Your Paradigm!

Try to see things in different ways. For example, assume that there is actually no problem but opportunities. Stop seeing problems, start seeing possibilities. Try telling yourself that what you have in your hands are not bad businesses, but challenges that can be turned into real good money. The moment your paradigm changes, things will begin to change for you. You will encounter people that will offer help. Your employees will see a happier person to deal with. You will have new insights to deal with the present situation. You will turn problems to gold. Try it!

2. Be Grateful!

Gratitude is magical. Look back and see how far you have come. Reflect on the challenges that you have overcome in the past and be truthfully grateful. Be grateful that you are alive and well. Count your blessings and believe me, it works. Try it!

3. Give!

Find a way to give out something you have even in this situation. Seek a way to help someone with your ideas. There is always someone somewhere that you can help in any situation of life. Right now, your case is better than some people. Look for such people and offer to help in one way or the other. As you do this, forces are set into motion to help you too out of your own perceived negative situation. These concepts if tried consistently can change your life and business. Try it!

4. Laugh and Smile!

Yes, you read right. Laugh and smile more than ever. Stop barking at your employees and looking worried. This kind of attitude will get you into more and more problems. Find ways to make yourself laugh often. Or just look into the mirror and burst into laughter. You see, laughter has a way of changing the way you see things. Try it!

5. Think!

There is hardly any problem that we cannot think through in life. Someone said, no problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking. Go away somewhere and devote time for quality thinking. Good thinking works if you can work it. Try it!


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